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Top 5 Wii U games that need Switch ports

The Wii U was a clumsy machine with a poorly realized concept and sparse library. Nintendo’s ill conceived console only sold about 13 million units before it was put down to clear the way for the sleeker, sexier, and better selling Switch. While the library was small, the quality was top tier, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has shown Nintendo is not content with letting some of this generation’s best games fade to obscurity.

With that in mind, here are five great Wii U games that need Switch ports:

5) Pokken TournamentPokken Tournament

Since the Game Boy era, gamers have wanted to control their pokemon directly in battle. Pokken Tournament makes that long held dream a reality. The game itself is a unique take on the fighting genre, offering a great entry point to fighting games in general. The Wii U version made a weird choice in multiplayer presentation, requiring one player to use the gamepad and the other the TV, without offering split-screen play. Hopefully that would be fixed on the Switch. The game is a blast other than that, and we know that there’s new characters in the Wii U version’s data that were never implemented, perhaps signalling it’s only a matter of time until Switch gets a port.

4) Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FETokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is essentially Persona 4.5, but with some lite Fire Emblem lore and weapon triangles included. Nintendo left this game to die, mostly because the Wii U was on it’s way out, and partly because Nintendo is 100% clueless when it comes to the handling of the RPG genre. TMS was a rock solid game, and though the bubbly J-pop and idol themes may be a turn off to many at first glance, it becomes somewhat addictive by the end, with the strength of the characters really carrying the idol story. So few people bought or have even heard of the game, thanks to the aforementioned issues surrounding its release, that it could almost pass as a new release to the general market. Just please, please add a fast-forward or skip animation button for Session attack strings.


3) Bayonetta 2Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 still rustles nerds’ jimmies to this very day, as many never seemed to understand that since Nintendo paid for it the game comes to their console exclusively, and it only exists because Nintendo footed the bill. Relatively few people got to enjoy the game on the Struggling Wii U, which is a shame because Bayonetta 2 is the best character action game game out there. The frustrating QTEs of the first entry have been toned down, and Bayonetta 2 controls with a fluidity that makes the original game feel as stiff as an Ubisoft title. Bonus: It came packaged with an updated port of the Bayonetta 1. The Switch could really use an a strong action game, and an updated port of this gem, especially one that locks at 60fps, may be a good lead in if the Bayonetta 3 rumors turn out to be true.


2) Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker was a refreshing take on 2D Mario, full of bite sized user generated content that would benefit from being portable. What’s that? It has already been made portable? Yeah, but only if you like dumbed down trash with garbage sharing features. Super Mario Maker 3DS’s awful “local only” sharing may work well in a handheld friendly country with a population density roughly 10 times greater than the state of California, but for the rest of us it makes the game subpar to say the least. A portable Super Mario Maker that’s on par with the Wii U version, in terms of content and sharing, could bring a limitless supply of fun to the Switch.

1) Xenoblade Chronicles XXenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X is most similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild In scale, possibly owing to the fact that Monolith Software and Nintendo developed both of them together. While the game’s story suffered for having a generic Create-a-Character protagonist, and some awkward pacing, it was still serviceable. The real joy of this game is the frantic combat, customizing awesome mechs, and exploration that rivals Breath of the Wild. The extra power could be used to boost draw distances and help with the rampant pop-in that made some quests a bigger hassle than they needed to be. The portability would also lend itself quite well quick bouts of farming or tyrant hunting here and there.

What, no Smash 4 or Super Mario 3D World!? Well Smash is most likely getting something at E3, there’s a reason the last Smash amiibos were pushed back so far, and SM3DW wouldn’t really gain as much as the other games on this list with a Switch port, especially with the next 3D Mario releasing later this year. A virtual console release is just fine in that case.


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Furthermore, if you just can’t wait for a Switch port for these game, or don’t mind playing them for cheap on a weaker console, you can find links to their Amazon pages below. Please note, if you make a purchase from one of the following links I will receive a small commission:

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