Hello Games Claims Hacker Responsible For Strange Emails

Hello Games finally broke it’s silence today, though not in the way they might have liked: Earlier this morning a message went out via Hello Games Twitter feed saying that it’s most recent game No Mans Sky was a mistake.

This coincidentally echoes the sentiments of many gamers who have taken Hello Games to task for the promises that it failed to deliver on regarding their much-hyped release. Including the games lack of multi-player, which caused the game to receive one of the lowest user-based ratings ever on the Steam platform. With negative scores from over 70,000 users.

Since the release Hello Games has gone deathly silent, especially Sean Murray. Despite the fact both had been extremely frequent posters in the months and years leading up to No Mans Sky’s release. So the tacit admission came as a shock to most. Even moreso when it was quickly deleted from their profile (though still on the company site), causing gamers to wonder whether the account had been hacked.

And this is where it starts to get confusing.

A representative of Hello Games sent a message to Erik Kain of Forbes, that the tweet had been sent by a disgruntled employee. Claiming that they were trying to sort out the issue. A similiar email was also sent to Mashable, signed by Sean Murray.

Meanwhile Polygon received an email from Sean Murrary admitting responsibility in which he states “The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down. We have not been coping well.” A further email was reportedly sent to two Polygon staffers which strangely accepted blame for many of the numerous complaints made by those who purchased No Mans Sky.

No Man’s Sky was a mistake.

I have contacted you because the silence from Hello Games has been unwarranted and unprofessional. The community has asked me to speak up, and I have a confession to make. The game was simply unfinished upon arrival. Our hand was forced by not only Sony, but the community as well. The constant harassment and absolute gross misconduct on the community’s part has made it hard to fulfill our artistic vision, while the pressure from Sony to release the game as soon as possible forced us to cut key features. I want to apologize for what we did not deliver on, as the game does not meet up to what our artistic vision was.

However, we do wish that the community was more understanding of our situation. Many people have asked for refunds despite our promise to continually improve and update No Man’s Sky. We are just a small studio that has poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this project. The complete lack of respect when it comes to the work we have done absolutely saddens not only myself, but the team as well. We want to improve the game to the point we dreamed of it being and beyond.

I hope everyone affected understands,

Sean Murray

Sean Murray then broke the seal of silence on his personal Twitter account to send a Tweet that their server had been hacked. At the same time making a joke about binge-watching Mr. Robot.

To make things more awkward we then get a Tweet from Sean Murray, Tweeting to Hello Games. Even though they should both be in the same room.

Hello Games has since then responded to Sean “Murray”, saying that all of the emails and everything else has been the result of a hacker who has hijakced their email and Twitter account.

Essentially everything at the moment is a monumental clusterf*%k, with no one knowing exactly what is going on with Hello Games. And Hello Games, true to form, is remaining as silent as possible. As of this point no one has actually stepped forward to speak about what is going on in an official capacity. Leaving most journalists and gaming sites wandering about in confusion.

While the media is confused, reactions from gamers themselves have been somewhat…unsympathetic to the company’s plights.

Subreddit R/Nomanssky is a subreddit which started out as a fan sub but quickly became a sub for criticizing and complaining about the deceptions and dodgy business decisions of Hello Games. In a display of anger at Hello Games finally opening their mouth only now they have taken “Sean Murray”s comment about binging on Mr. Robot and changed the name of their sub. Earlier the subs moderator placed a video on youtube explaining his frustrations with the company.

It seems safe to say that Hello Games has managed to build up quite a considerable amount of ill-will among the tech-savvy gaming community. So the identity of this mysterious hacker may be something impossible to decipher. There are simply too many likely suspects to choose from.

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