Voice Actors on Strike

Voice actors are under advisement from the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to take industrial action on Friday 21st October due to ongoing pay disputes. The union wants additional pay for actors for every 2 million copies a game that sell in which they are part of. Additionally, they want pay for when actors have strained their voice during recordings while shouting or screaming. Finally, the guild has concerns that firms are hiring non-union members and wish to be able to fine companies over faults such as not properly auditioning for minor roles.

Last year, members of the union voted overwhelmingly in a 96% approval rating for industry action. Yet, a representative for the companies being protested claims that the union has members in only 25% of games on the market. Furthermore, video game voice actors that are members of the guild earn in excess of $100 per hour, which is more than the industry standard for other roles such as a games designer or graphics designer.

Talks are still ongoing, but it is likely the issue won’t be resolved prior to the walkout later this week.

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