New Maps Revealed for Titanfall 2

Yesterday Respawn revealed two new maps as part of a livestream event with Best Buy. The livestream itself showed off two new maps in live games with a short Q&A afterwards. If you missed the livestream, you’ll be pleased to know that it was recorded so you can watch it here.

The first map revealed was Exoplanet, which has a mixture of urban and natural environmental aspects to it. With multiple small building and high cliffs surrounding them, pilot mobility seems to have been greatly considered when designing the map. The theme of the map appears to be a research base on an alien planet over which the two teams are fighting.

Exoplanet loading screen.PNG

The second map to be revealed was Drydock. Whereas Exoplanet had a strong sense of being in the wilderness, Drydock is a large industrial complex with a huge emphasis on vertical movement. High walls, tight corridors and plenty of passages show a map good for both titan control as well as pilot movement.


Both maps show the same love and attention to detail that was clear in the original game. The balance between pilot mobility and titan control has always been hard to keep level,  however they’ve continued to impress and to keep neither one of the two being overbearingly superior to the other.

Titanfall 2 comes out October 28. Don’t forget to pre-order to get early access to the Angle City map, exclusive warpaint and nose art for the Sorch titan and the GOLD| Beast Mode Callsign.


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