Fuck you Michael Pachter

In episode 41 of the “Pachter Factor,” Michael Pachter made reference to a legend in an appalling fashion, saying  “To quote the late, and not so great, Satoru Iwata…”

Let me step in right there.

Satoru Iwata was a great man. His achievements as a programmer are legendary. Any gamer that takes the time to learn about the people responsible for making their games inevitably hears about these legends. Satoru Iwata played a major role in making Pokemon the international hit that it is today. He pushed for a Western localization of the franchise. doubled the size of Pokemon Gold and Silver, and saved Pokemon Stadium. That’s not even going into his work on Kirby, Mother 2, and Super Smash Bros.

Without any real training in management, Mr. Iwata became president of HAL Laboratories and saved the company from bankruptcy. From there, he then went on to become the president of Nintendo. Taking over when the company was hurting from the GameCube. he lead them to the wild, unprecedented success of the Wii/DS era. Yes, the follow up Wii U was a disaster and the 3DS fell well short of its predecessor, but Mr. Iwata weathered that storm to the very end.

Right up until his death, Mr. Iwata continued laying the foundation for Nintendo’s future. Mobile games, IP expansion and licensing, updating the company’s infrastructure, and setting up gaming’s greatest mystery: The NX. All of this while secretly fighting a losing battle with fucking cancer.

Mr. Iwata was a great man, and you, Michael Pachter, are some horse-faced looking prick that has a job as a financial analyst. You’re the armchair quarterback of business, telling us all how we should forget about Netflix and buy into Blockbuster.

For those of you who would like to learn more about a great man, DidYouKnowGaming just put out a lovely video on Satoru Iwata:


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