Game Rankings 2016: Gravity Rush HD

Like most of the gaming community, I do not own a PS Vita. I could never justify the purchase, despite really wanting some of the games on it. The wait may have been painful, but Sony ultimately rewarded my unwillingness to buy their handheld by bringing the definitive version of its best game to the PS4.

Gravity Rush struck at my heart from the moment I started it up: I’m a sucker for stylized visuals and fresh game play, both things Gravity Rush has in spades. It features a cell shaded anime style and the chapters are all book ended with comic book panels you can shift around by tilting the DualShock 4. The presentation is fun and different.

That sentiment goes for the gameplay as well.  The ability to bend gravity to your will makes it fun to explore the city of Hekseville. That’s great because the act of exploring improves your skill as a player, and the loot you collect while exploring enhances Kat’s gravity powers. which in turn makes it even more enjoyable to explore. I can’t get enough of it. The evolution of your skills and Kat’s powers also ties into the story incredibly well.

If I had to field a few complaints about Gravity Rush, they would be about the camera in narrow spaces, and how the sometimes-wonky-combat can grow repetitive. It’s no Platinum game, that’s for damn sure. Finally, the story just sort of ends without any loose ends being tied up.

Regardless, the core idea of controlling gravity and the fascinating world of Gravity Rush are just too incredible to ignore. The fact that it’s an HD remake of PS Vita game, and that shows in the occasional camera and combat issues, may have kept it from the top spot, but Gravity Rush easily earns my Seal of Awesome Approval.

Game Rankings 2016:

  1. Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam (link)
  2. Gravity Rush HD
  3. Final Fantasy Explorers (link)

Games in Blue have received the Seal of Awesome Approval.

Games in Red have received the Seal of Dour Disapproval.

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