Hyrule Warriors DLC talk.

After watching Derrick of GameXplain stream a few hours of game play on Twitch, I have to say that Hyrule Warriors looks good. A lot of my fears were alleviated. However, a new can of worms has been opened.

KT has announced they will be supporting Hyrule Warriors with patches and DLC that includes new characters, weapons, and scenarios. Now for me this is great because I adore the entire concept of the game, and any improvements that can add longevity to its life span is okay with me. That said, I know DLC is a controversial and potentially volatile subject for many.

None of the DLC is essential, and it so far seems to be solid additions to a complete game, all produced after its release. Hopefully we don’t find out this is something dirty like on disc DLC, because it seems fine so far. The only other problem I can see arising is the price.

How much will they charge for extra characters that many feel should have been in from the outset? I understand it takes time and planning to create a character. You can’t just flip a switch and it creates itself. That’s why I’m personally lenient on it, but fans may have a right to be mad considering how many characters are typically present in a Musou game. You may say that there aren’t that many capable fighters in the Zelda universe compared to Three Kingdoms era China, but the presence of the bug princess Agitha blows that right out the window. Anyone could be made into a character, and that’s the double edged sword. I like the announcement of more characters, but why such a relatively small roster to begin with?

Regardless, I’m happy. I really want the new scenarios to unlock different Zelda stories and introduce characters from other eras not currently in the game. Agahnim, Sahasrahla , Blind, the King of Red Lions, Toon Link, Tetra, Orca, Imposter Link, Skull Kid, Piere, and Fierce Deity Link are all characters from the three most important Zelda titles not yet in Hyrule Warriors: A Link to the Past, The Wind Waker, and Majora’s Mask.

I personally want all the new characters to come with the new scenarios and not have to be bought piecemeal. Time will tell though.

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