Looking at the new Bloodborne trailer.

After looking at the new Bloodborne trailer, we see more of what we’ve come to expect and what the world is like. More importantly though we see what Miyazaki means by wanting to shift combat from passive, as seen in the Souls series, to the aggressive system in Bloodborne.

The themes look familiar. The world is oppressively dark, feeling dirty and twisted. Even though the architecture has shifted from Medieval to Victorian, you can still pick up From’s flair for the grand. The areas are somehow beautiful despite the defilement all around. The “Plague of Beasts” is spreading and seemingly bringing madness with it as we see figures clad in robes laughing maniacally, wielding their makeshift weapons, and invoking memories of a curse fans have all become familiar with.

The combat would look similar to those outside of the Souls series, but veteran players will notice the key differences. The camera and the controls look the same. However, the seeming absence of blocking entirely is the most glaring difference, it’s the source of the the aggressive play we’ve been hearing about. To replace blocking it seems we have new quick moves, as illustrated by the player speedily side stepping an attack that would require a roll in the Souls games. In fact, it seems most movement while engaged is faster, possibly due to a lack of conspicuous armor.

Another feature we get to see is gunplay. Part of the reason the Victorian setting was chosen is because it represents a time when guns are present, but not as all powerful as they are today. It may be that guns have not only replaced the traditional bow and arrow, but magic as well. Roles filled by close range magic like Combustion seem to be covered by close range shotgun blasts and the like. Perhaps different guns and ammo types will be the new magic system of this world.

Finally, this part is pure speculation, but we see what appears to be a common enemy in pain as light erupts from his body. After the ensuing explosion the scene cuts to a gigantic werewolf creature attacking the protagonist. Could this be a hint at a new system in place to encourage aggressive game play? Would From Software implement a system where enemies inflicted with the Plague of Beasts succumb to the disease and become more monstrous as time passes by, forcing players to dispatch enemies more quickly than the patient and deliberate pace of Souls game? Yes they would. Have they though? Only time will tell.

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